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Academic Tumblrarians

I’m continuing my compulsive list-making and moving on to academic libraries and librarians on Tumblr. For those of you new to the strong tumblrarian community, check out LJ’s Digital Shift on their favorite library tumblrs and tumblr 101, and thelifeguardlibrarian’s list of library tumblrs

University/College Libraries/Archives/Special Collections on Tumblr

  1. Business and Tourism Blog (Sunderland University Library Services)
  2. Columbia College Library 
  3. Crossett-copia (Crossett Library, Bennington College)
  4. Found in the University Archives! (University of Wisconsin-Madison)
  5. Grand Rapids Community College Library 
  6. Harry Ransom Center (University of Texas at Austin)
  7. Hendrix College Archives 
  8. Mandeville Special Collections Library (UC San Diego)
  9. Montana State University Library 
  10. Paul Robeson Library (Rutgers)
  11. Peabody Library’s Wunderkind (Johns Hopkins)
  12. Pickler Memorial Library Exhibits (Truman State University)
  13. Pollak Library’s Tumblr (California State University, Fullerton)
  14. Point Park University Library 
  15. Roosevelt University Library  
  16. SLC Music Library Tumblr (Sarah Lawrence College William Schuman Music Library)
  17. The Special Collections at Goucher College 
  18. Temple University Libraries 
  19. UCLA Powell Library 
  20. University of Sunderland Library Culture 
  21. University of Sunderland Off Campus Library Services 
  22. Urban Archives (Temple University Libraries)
  23. USC Libraries

Non-University Research Libraries: 

  1. Chicago Public Library 
  2. The Hurd Library 
  3. MoMA Library 
  4. National Archives  
  5. New York Public Library 
  6. Nova Scotia Archives  

Academic Librarians on Tumblr:

  1. A Librarian’s Life 
  2. An Accidental Academic (Librarian) 
  3. iPads and Tablets in Libraries 

As always, leave a comment if I missed anyone. There are a couple academic librarians who I didn’t include because they weren’t “strictly business” tumblrarians. (PSA: Please don’t put personal information up online. Pictures of your children shouldn’t be available to the public.) 

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