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University Presses on Tumblr

Thanks to the lovely Nick Moran at The Millions, bookish types have an already overloaded dashboard, but yet there could be more. Here’s a quick roundup of university presses on Tumblr, along with my rant about time management below. 

If I’ve missed any please let me know. 

Here are the university press tags that pop-up on the first 10 pages of Google in the order they showed up in my results (“tumblr university press”). Remember that Tumblr has terrible SEO. These tags should be a good indicator of who should jump on board — or not. 

Of course, MIT Press and the like didn’t show up in results because they don’t have university in the name, so be sure to check for them separately. 

And a couple other tags to follow:

In addition to the usual book publishing subjects, universities and academic libraries are the obvious choice to follow and check out how they are using Tumblr. Any recommended actions for university presses on Tumblr?

Now for the rant you can ignore:

The horrible truth in social media is that not everyone uses it and most of those who do, don’t use it as frequently as the social-media-is-the-future crusaders like to believe. This means that it needs to be used strategically (and before you get angry about using business terminology, pretend you’re in Au Bonheur des Dames). Part of that strategy is not stretching yourself thin across many platforms and investing in none. For the university presses missing, I wonder whether Tumblr has reached the tipping point where it’s necessary to add another platform to the workload — or what they should shut down in exchange. 

*28 Aug: Adding NYU Press (*unbearable shame for missing alma mater’s press*)