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"Strictly business"

I recently found a reblog comment from ages ago about my use of “strictly business” (in scare quotes), so throwing this out for wider discussion.

What is acceptable/unacceptable sharing across social media when personal and professional lines cross (which is most of the time)?

No one expects automatons who only speak in approved commentary, but there must be a point when your social media profile is not a business one and you should reconsider adding it to your resume, adding it to curated lists of people who do X, etc.

Say when 90% of what you post has nothing to do with your job/study, then it’s not a professional outlet, it’s a personal one.

I’ve seen too many posts that people will come to regret. I’ve hovered over the ‘send’ button before deciding ‘nobody cares’. And we must all have encountered those pictures where you said to yourself: “wow, this person probably though only their 5 followers who they know IRL would see this, but as it’s public, now I’m watching and judging them” (and I’m talking perfectly normal pics).

At some point you need to make a decision about which person you are presenting and to whom.

Agree? Disagree?

When did Google Plus start doing these mega-card link previews* and how do I get one? 
*don’t know what to call that

When did Google Plus start doing these mega-card link previews* and how do I get one? 

*don’t know what to call that


Social media editors still talking about social media editors

Is anyone having such a skillful conversation about this?


Social media editors still talking about social media editors


Is anyone having such a skillful conversation about this?


University Presses on Pinterest

A straightforward title. 

  1. Cambridge University Press ELT Digital
  2. Cambridge University Press Library
  3. Cambridge University Press Textbooks
  4. Cornell University Press
  5. Duke University Press
  6. Harvard Press
  7. Mercer University Press 
  8. MIT Press
  9. NYU Press
  10. Oregon State University Press 
  11. Sydney University Press 
  12. University of Pennsylvania Press 
  13. University of North Texas Press 
  14. University of Texas Press 
  15. University Press of Florida 
  16. University Press of Kentucky 
  17. University Press of Mississippi 

Honorable Mention: LSE Review of Books

As always, who’d I miss? Who do you think is using it most effectively? (I’m leaning towards LSE Review of Books who is not a university press)

And now for my useless commentary:

I’m a little worried that everyone signs up for the next big thing without figuring out how to use it effectively. Ten pins in the initial burst of enthusiasm and then nothing. Remember that people are using Pinterest to drive traffic to their website where they can capture customer information or turn browsers into customers. Fight shiny-object-syndrome and use these tools effectively. 

And there’s a fairly strong university library presence on Pinterest (and judging by how my alma mater is handling their welcome week, pictures of beautiful smiling freshmen and/or cupcakes instagramed is a major selling point). 

Some university libraries (I particularly like the archive /special collections images):

Honorable mention: New York Public Library (which has a research division and is awesome)

And from WIRED Campus “3 Ways College Libraries Are Exploring Pinterest" and Wayne State University’s Ideas from The School of Library and Information Science "5 Ways to Use Pinterest At Your Academic Library

Anything else to add?


Book-Themed Pinterest Boards I’d Like to See

I’m resisting signing up for Pinterest because I realized I reached my social media account limit (my brain simply can’t cope with anything else at the moment). So I thought the best course of action would be to have other people do the work for me. 

  1. Book Fashion
  2. Book Home Décor
  3. Book Food
  4. Books & Cats
  5. Books & Dogs
  6. Books & Other Pets
  7. Books in Famous Places
  8. Book Shelves
  9. Book Cases
  10. Beautiful Libraries
  11. Beautiful Bookstores
  12. Library Cats
  13. Bookstore Cats
  14. Library Dogs
  15. Bookstore Dogs
  16. Library Other Pets
  17. Bookstore Other Pets
  18. Famous People’s Libraries
  19. Writers in Famous Places
  20. Writers & Cats
  21. Writers & Dogs
  22. Writers & Other Pets
  23. Publisher Colophons / Logos
  24. Publisher Offices
  25. Same Book, Multiple Covers (languages, editions)
  26. Fun with Fonts
  27. Notable internal book designs
  28. Famous people reading
  29. Famous art depicting people reading
  30. Words in Fashion
  31. Words in Home Décor
  32. Words in Food
  33. Etymology of a word
  34. Book posters
  35. Classic Books
  36. Classic Books of ___
  37. Reading List for ___
  38. Books v. Movie/TV/Play Adapatations
  39. Movies/TV Shows v. Book Adaptations
  40. Different Visions of a Famous Literary Character (eg. Sherlock Holmes)
  41. Book Trailers for {genre}

What’d I miss?


Publishers on Google Plus

In my endless attempts at list-making/organizing entire life, it’s time to Plus or +. (Anyone else have issues with search because they use the symbol?)

Trade Publishers

  1. Alfred A. Knopf
  2. Beacon Press
  3. Chronicle Books
  4. Doubleday
  5. Hyperion Voice
  6. Pantheon Books
  7. Pearson North America
  8. Penguin Books USA
  9. Random House Books
  10. Simon & Schuster
  11. Tor Books
  12. Vintage Books & Anchor Books

University Presses

  1. Cambridge University Press 
  2.      (a) Education
  3.      (b) ELT
  4.      (c) Library Marketing Group
  5. Princeton University Press
  6. Wilfred Laurier University Press

Children’s Books Publishers

  1. Candlewick Press
  2. HarperCollins Children’s
  3. Penguin Teen
  4. Tundra Books

Specialty Publishers

  1. AMACOM Books
  2. Damselfly Publishers
  3. Gibbs Smith Publishing
  4. Ibex Publishers
  5. TiLu Press
  6. O’Reilly


  1. Random House Books AU

Publishing Media

  1. The Book Report
  2. GalleyCat
  3. The New York Review of Books
  4. Publishing Perspectives


  2. Barnes & Noble College
  3. Kobo
  5. NOOK Tablet | Barnes & Noble
  6. Village Books


  1. New York Public Library


  1. Book Country
  2. F+W Media
  3. Sonnet Media

This list clearly got away from the “publishers” remit. Still, who did I miss? (And I look forward to your disagreements with my classifications.)